Organic Spirulina Powder



The Original Superfood

Spirulina is a natural, blue-green algae that harnesses energy from sunlight to fuel its growth. As one of the most protein-dense plant foods available and a rich source of micronutrients, it is one of the world’s best and original superfoods. Cultivated and harvested in pure freshwater pools, our minimally processed Spirulina is dried into a naturally nutritious powder. Spirulina is rich in Vitamin A, which improves skin health and boosts immunity. Spirulina is also impressively high in plant protein which supports muscle growth. In addition, Spirulina is also high in magnesium, which enhances energy and supports psychological and bone health, and high iron, which improves the cognitive function. It's a must-have superfood for all health enthusiasts!

✔ Skin Health

✔ Vegan Protein

✔ Energy & Vitality

✔ Psychological Health 


100% Organic Spirulina Powder

How To Use 

With a fresh and pure taste and deep green flavour, a little goes a long way with our Spirulina. Stir into juices and shakes on use in baking. You can even combine our organic spirulina with honey to create a superfood face mask! 

Why Rainforest Foods 

Rainforest Foods will fund one square metre of cloud forest in the Ecuadorian Neblina Reserve for every pack sold. We protect biodiversity and preserve rainforests with our Social Partner Rainforest Concern, and we support Warka Water to bring safe water to rural communities in Cameroon, Togo and Haiti.