The Vegan Society is a UK-based educational charity. It has always been at the heart of the global vegan movement and is today the pre-eminent voice of veganism. Since 1944 it has promoted and supported vegan diets and lifestyles.

The Vegan Society developed its Vegan Society Trademark to authenticate foods that are vegan-friendly. It applies strict criteria before certifying a product. These cover both the ingredients and production methods employed to make the food. Vegan Society trademarked products are free of material from vertebrate or multicellular invertebrate creatures. This includes by-products such as milk or eggs. Its development and production has not involved testing on animals. Any genetically modified foods are free from animal gene products. If a food carries the Vegan Society Trademark symbol, it is completely suitable for vegan use. Rainforest Foods products all display this symbol.

For further information on the Vegan Society Trademark please contact us. Alternatively, please visit the Vegan Society website.