Organic Cacao Paste Wafers

Vegan Chocolate Buttons

Containing only a small amount of naturally occurring sugars and no additives, preservatives or allergens our 100% vegan and organic Cacao paste wafers are a healthier alternative to regular processed chocolate buttons. With a luxurious dark chocolate flavour, our cacao paste wafers are made by pressing cacao nibs into a paste which is then melted and moulded into buttons. Because of this minimal processing, our cacao paste wafers retain the nutrients found within the cacao bean to create a nutritious and delicious snack. 

✔ Low in Sugar

✔ High in Fibre

✔ Great for snacking

✔ Use in Baking


100% Organic Cacao Paste Wafers

How To Use 

With a deliciously rich dark chocolate flavour, you can snack on our cacao wafers straight from the pack. Or melt them down to create decadent organic desserts!

Why Rainforest Foods 

Rainforest Foods will fund one square metre of cloud forest in the Ecuadorian Neblina Reserve for every pack sold. We protect biodiversity and preserve rainforests with our Social Partner Rainforest Concern, and we support Warka Water to bring safe water to rural communities in Cameroon, Togo and Haiti.