Organic Psyllium Husks

Keto Super Digestion Powder

Traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine to aid digestion, psyllium husks are a highly soluble source of fibre derived from the outer coating of the psyllium seed. As a bulk-forming laxative, the husks can absorb large amounts of liquid which causes them to swell and increase in volume to up to ten times their dry size. Fibre is essential for healthy digestion, and our psyllium husks are a convenient way to integrate it into your diet. Psyllium is an excellent source of fibre for those following a Keto diet as the vast majority of the carbs come directly from dietary fibre resulting in a very low net carb count. 

✔ Digestive Support

✔ 60g of Fibre per 100g

✔ Keto Friendly

✔ Mild Flavour


100% Organic Psyllium Husks

How To Use 

Our psyllium husks are small, grainy, and perfect for bulking up and adding fibre to bread and bakes. 

Why Rainforest Foods 

Rainforest Foods will fund one square metre of cloud forest in the Ecuadorian Neblina Reserve for every pack sold. We protect biodiversity and preserve rainforests with our Social Partner Rainforest Concern, and we support Warka Water to bring safe water to rural communities in Cameroon, Togo and Haiti.