Organic New Zealand Barley Grass Powder


Nutrient-Dense Super Grass

Barley Grass is one of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet and has been used for healing purposes since ancient times. Barley Grass is impressively high in Vitamin A, which supports skin health and is high in Vitamin C, which fortifies the bodies natural immunity. We use 5kg of fresh Barley Grass leaves to produce 1kg of powder so that every pack is loaded with nutrients!

✔  5kg of fresh leaves produce 1kg of powder

✔  High in Vitamin A

✔  Boosts Immunity 

✔ Premium New Zealand Variety


100% New Zealand Barley Grass Powder

How To Use 

Fresh, green and earthy, use our Barley Grass powder to add a burst of flavour, colour and nutrients to juices, smoothies and protein balls.

Why Rainforest Foods 

Rainforest Foods will fund one square metre of cloud forest in the Ecuadorian Neblina Reserve for every pack sold. We protect biodiversity and preserve rainforests with our Social Partner Rainforest Concern, and we support Warka Water to bring safe water to rural communities in Cameroon, Togo and Haiti.