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At Rainforest Foods, we bring you the finest, nutritionally richest and best-produced superfoods on the planet.

Here is our full list of products, organically sourced from around the world.
  • Acai Berry Powder

    Acai Berry Powder

    Acai Berry is a small, purple berry of the Acai palm. Found in the Amazon region, it is one of Earths most nutritious foods.
  • Barley Grass Powder

    Barley Grass Powder

    Our Barley Grass Powder is organically sourced from Canterbury, New Zealand and goes great with water, juice and smoothies.
  • Cacao Nibs

    Cacao Nibs

    Cacao Nibs (cracked Cacao beans) are a versatile ingredient that can be added to many foods or alternatively eaten as a snack.
  • Cacao Powder

    Cacao Powder

    Our Cacao Powder is produced from Peruvian Criollo Cacao - often referred to as the 'Queen of Cacao' for its high quality.
  • Chia Seeds

    Chia Seeds

    Chia thrives in South America and has been a staple of local diets for centuries, providing protein, vitamins and antioxidants.
  • Chlorella and Spirulina Tablets

    Chlorella and Spirulina Tablets

    These tablets contain Chlorella and Spirulina - two different species of algae and two of the most complete foods in existence.
  • Chlorella Powder

    Chlorella Powder

    Chlorella is a blue-green algae, and one of the worlds most complete foods. It provides protein and broad-spectrum vitamins.
  • Chlorella Tablets

    Chlorella Tablets

    We compress our Chlorella Powder to produce these convenient tablets - nothing more added, with all the benefits of the powder.
  • Maca Capsules

    Maca Capsules

    Maca is a plant grown in the Peruvian Andes over 4000m above sea level. Its root and hypocotyl - the bulbous stem below the leaf...
  • Maca Powder

    Maca Powder

    Maca Root is grown in the Andes at an altitude above 4000m and is ground into a powder containing a broad spectrum of nutrients.
  • Spirulina Powder

    Spirulina Powder

    Spirulina is an algae rich in various vitamins and minerals. The protein content makes it a popular fitness dietary supplement.
  • Spirulina Tablets

    Spirulina Tablets

    With all the benefits of Spirulina Powder, our Spirulina Tablets give you a healthy dose of nutrition at home or on the go.
  • Wheatgrass Capsules

    Wheatgrass Capsules

    Our organically-sourced New Zealand Wheatgrass Capsules are a great addition to a healthy diet and active lifestyle.
  • Wheatgrass Powder

    Wheatgrass Powder

    Wheatgrass Powder is high in vitamin A, C, and a source of chlorophyll which can be added to water, juice and smoothies.