Ever wondered how they make Spirulina?

Our organic spirulina is made on an island in the South China Sea in an environmentally pristine area far from industrial activity.  There are typically five stages involved:

Stage 1

The first stage involves creating the source seed which is used for cultivation.  A small batch of source seed is carefully selected to ensure that the strain has the highest nutritional contents possible.  This small batch is then grown in laboratory conditions until a sufficient quantity is available to be transplanted to external cultivation ponds.

Stage 2

The second stage is cultivation.  The spirulina batch made in the laboratory is moved to external cultivation ponds which contain natural underground water which is extensively filtered prior to use.  The spirulina then grows in these ponds through photosynthesis.

Stage 3

The third stage is harvesting.  The optical density of the spirulina is measured regularly and once it reaches the appropriate level, the spirulina is harvested.  The initial harvest occurs approximately 1-2 months from the batch being introduced to the pond and then it is done on a 7-10 day cycle until it has been fully harvested.

Stage 4

The fourth stage is drying.  This is accomplished through a spray drying system which maximises nutrient retention.  In this method, droplets of the spirulina and water mixture are sprayed into a chamber and then flash evaporated to remove the water.  By keeping the temperature low during this process, there is virtually no nutrient degradation.

Stage 5

The final stage is the manufacturing of the finished product, either the spirulina powder or spirulina tablets.  This is carried out in a GMP laboratory under strict hygiene conditions.