Notes from the Rainforest Foods kitchen: antioxidant Acai in a chilled-out dessert.

This recipe was born from the search for a vegan-friendly ice cream option.

The core of this recipe is frozen berries and banana. To freeze a banana, simply remove it from its skin, place in a plastic bag and freeze for 2 hours. A bag of frozen berries is a useful part of any cook’s stock, and these are easily available at most supermarkets. Here at the Rainforest Foods kitchen we also like to freeze native berries such as raspberries, strawberries, blueberries and blackberries when they come into season.

The berry flavours are joined in this recipe by a very non-native fruit in powder form. Acai has a subtle taste and provides antioxidants. This recipe is incredibly simple to make. It is a dish to make when you want it. Although it can be kept frozen it is nicer when made fresh.

Serves 1


One frozen banana

A really big handful of frozen berries

1tsp. Rainforest Foods Acai powder

Coconut water or nut milk


Mix the banana, berries and Acai powder together in a blender or powerful food processor. Add coconut water or nut milk until you achieve the creamy consistency you want. Serve in a bowl or a glass. Top with slices of banana and a handful of Rainforest Foods Cacao Nibs and oats for added crunch.