Maca powder and Maca capsules – what to choose and why

Maca: “Superfood of the Andes”, “Peruvian ginseng”. So powerful is this simple little plant root when taken as a medicinal herb that it’s been given lots of different names around the world. Peruvians and Bolivians have known of the impressive health benefits of Maca for over 2,000 years, using every last bit of the Maca plant, from the roots to the leaves, as a staple of their diet. Mythic tales of various uses of Maca throughout the ages abound, from an Inca pre-battle preparation to a Spanish colonial currency.

Today, Maca has become one of the most popular food supplements thanks to its weighty nutritional value; its ability to improve stamina, strength and endurance; boost immunity and sexual function; and balance hormones. No longer eaten raw, cooked or fermented, Maca is now far easier to include in a modern-day diet as a food supplement. The Maca root is dried and ground into Maca powder which can then be mixed with water or fruit juice and taken between meals. For those who don’t wish to drink Maca in this way, Maca powder is also put into handy capsules which can simply be taken as you would a painkiller.

If you’d like to boost your health with the range of beneficial properties that Maca provides then you need to decide whether Maca powder or Maca capsules are best for you. This will largely depend on whether you like the taste and consistency of Maca powder when mixed with water or fruit juice (there is very little taste, particularly when mixed with a juice, and the consistency is not unpleasant), or if you prefer the convenience of popping capsules every day. Regardless of your preference, there is not a set recommended dosage of Maca. People tend to take between 1 and 3 grams of Maca powder in a drink between meals every day, or swallow between 2 and 6 Maca capsules between meals every day. You may need to try a low dose at first, monitor the effects and then raise the dosage if needed. Whichever you prefer, powder or capsules, harnessing the benefits of this ancient root has never been easier.