Notes from the Rainforest Foods kitchen: a healthy, energy-filled biscuit

The biscuit is a really rather useful thing. Highly portable, it can provide a burst of energy anywhere and any time. But a burst of energy is just that – a blood sugar spike. More useful would be a biscuit that provides slow-release energy as well as a tasty treat.

Rainforest Foods Maca chocolate cookies do just that. Suitable for vegans, their sweetness is provided by dates and coconut rather than processed sugars. Maca brings a spicy taste that combines well with the luxurious complexity of Cacao. These ingredients are also rich in vitamins, minerals and are a source of  protein. This is a soft cookie designed to keep you going and avoid between-meal energy dips.

This recipe is easy to make, being set in the fridge rather than cooked. Refrigerated, the cookies will keep for a week.




  1. Set the coconut oil to melt, either in a warm place or in a bowl set on a pan of simmering water. In a food processor, blend the almonds into a fine powder. Set aside.
  2. Blend the desiccated coconut into a fine flour. Add the almond flour that you created, then the Cacao and Maca powders, sugar and salt. Mix it all together and put aside in a bowl.
  3. Blend the dates in the food processor to form a sticky paste. Add the vanilla, almond butter and melted coconut oil, then blend to form a sticky mixture.
  4. Pour the wet date mixture onto the dry ingredients and rub it all together with your hands. Add the water and mix in with your hands. At this point you can bring a little crunch to the texture of the cookies, by adding some Cacao nibs.
  5. Spoon walnut-sized amounts from the mixture, roll into balls, place on a tray lined with baking parchment or greaseproof paper and using the back of a fork flatten into a cookie shape.  Press an almond onto each of the cookies.
  6. Put in the fridge for at least an hour. The result will be best if you refrigerate for 3 hours.